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Course Description

In Adversary Tactics: Vulnerability Research for Operators, you will learn an operator-focused approach to find the vulnerabilities needed to escalate privileges, execute arbitrary code, or facilitate lateral movement in Windows environments. We will give you the methodology and identify tools to find these weaknesses during active operations, when costly lead time and dedicated lab environments are unavailable. This course covers the vulnerability classes that SpecterOps routinely finds on engagements and dives into their root causes, identification techniques, and exploitation methods.


  • be able to read simple C++ code and simple scripts
  • be familiar with writing basic scripts using python/ruby/…
  • be ready to dive into a debugger and read asm for hours and hours and hours
  • be ready to think out of the box and have a strong desire to learn
  • be fluent with managing Windows / Linux operating system and with using vmware workstation/virtualbox
  • be familiar with using Metasploit (msfconsole, msfvenom, meterpreter)

Instructor Bio - TBA


Key Learning Objective

Understanding Stack Buffer Overflows

Advanced Techniques in Exploit Development

Memory Protection Bypass Techniques

Exploitation Techniques Update and Optimization

Introduction to x64 Stack-Based Exploitation

Understanding the Mechanics of Exploitation

Exploit Detection and Protection

Return Oriented Programming (ROP)

Bypassing Memory Protections

Real-world Application and Practice